Despite media stories to the contrary this case is NOT SOLVED.
No Plea Deals
Murder Victim Brian Wells Deserves Justice.
Everyone involved in the planning, execution and
cover-up of this Homicide should be held accountable.

The Public has been lied to before.
Dr. Hatfill did not mail the anthrax letters in 2001.
Richard Jewell was not responsible for the Olympic Park Bombing.
Causley Edwards was not part of bank bomb robbery plot in eastern PA.

Terrorist Attack in Erie, PA on 8-28-2003 kills innocent man
Brian Wells
State Police had Brian in custody for 46 minutes.
Bomb Squad not called for 32 minutes.
Brian told the Troopers that a group of 3 to 7
killers accosted him at gunpoint and locked the bomb around his neck.

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